Drawing Web App

javascript programming side-projects

Hi guys. Sorry I left you all hanging with the first two Sass/Compass posts. Truth is I’ve been busy busy busy with the designing of the UI for my drawing web app.

Web App? I hear you ask…

Yep – a drawing app that will work in your browser and across as many devices as possible. So far I have coded the base JavaScript needed, which should allow for different drawing ‘modes’ as and when they get added after its initial release.

The genesis for the idea came from out of playing with examples in an HTML5 canvas book. After learning the basics of interacting with canvas in JavaScript, I started getting all sorts of ideas flying through my head. One of which was a drawing app.

But Dave… it’s been done countless times!

I know. And all the examples I’ve found, although great, weren’t cross device compatible. By that I mean having a single code base for whichever platform or device you view it from, as well as using a responsive mobile-first approach.

So that is the goal: a cross device, responsive drawing web app. I’m also thinking about making the JavaScript behind it into a jQuery plugin, then sharing it on github.

But despite my current busyness, I do plan to post two more Sass/Compass tutorials before the end of the week, so look out for them!

Bye all,