First Impressions of Trello


A couple of days ago I was introduced to Trello and today, as I am beginning a web site for a friend, have decided to use it to keep track of any ideas / to dos etc.

My first impressions are all positive. The interface is clean and intuitive and actually makes making lists fun. Well, maybe not fun, but you get what I mean.

I encourage anyone out there who is looking for a project management tool to give it a go – I was hooked instantly.

The Concept

The way that Trello works is very simple.

  1. Make a ‘Board’, which is where all your ‘lists’ will go for that particular project

  2. Make any amount of lists in that board you need

  3. Make tickets within each list for any parts that need addressing, which can then be assigned to whoever you wish


With Trello, you have the option of either keeping your boards private, or sharing them with whoever you like. This is done on a board by board basis and allows for easy collaboration on projects.

In Conclusion

These are only my first impressions of Trello, all of which are good, and of coarse I have no experience of using it yet. I am looking forward to getting stuck into it and may even have a play with their public API that they have available for use.