Setting Up Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS On My Spare Computer

linux servers

These are the steps I took in setting up Linux Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS on my spare computer.

  1. Download Ubuntu Server from the official site

  2. Make a bootable USB stick following this guide

  3. Insert new bootable USB into what will be your server, then turn it on

  4. Follow the installation instructions


Firstly you’ll need to select a language. I picked English - my native tongue.

The next step will give you a number of options:

I first selected ‘Check disc for defects’. Once that had run it restarted the install process. I then selected ‘Test Memory’ and let it do its thing. I’m not quite sure what I was looking for with these first couple of tests. I’m no system administrator, so anything short of a red flashing light would look fine to me.