I think I prefer reading on a Kindle


I have always tried to maintain the belief that reading novels from physical books is always the best way to go. And whilst there is something to be said about a physical living breathing book that can’t run out of batteries, I have found something interesting with my kindle.

When im reading a book, I always tend to see how big a chapter is before I start it - even if I have plenty of time to hand to read. And the size of the book tends to begin intimidating me when it is over a decent size.

But with the second book of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, The Drawing of the Three, I have whizzed through 60 pages out of the 513 total. And it didn’t feel like it.

I think it takes 2 to 3 kindle pages to equal a page in the physical book with my current text size settings. And I think because of that — and the fact I’ve not had the rest of the book sitting in my hands daring me to put it down for a bit — I have just read with a much greater ease.

I think my kindle could be my default method of reading moving forward.