Are you being a fucking idiot?


(Originally pasted into facebook)

I don’t often stick long posts on this god-awful surveillance website, but after hearing about some friends and family suffering, I didn’t want to hold back.

If you’re going into shops etc without a mask on when you should wear one, you’re a fucking idiot.
If you’re holding personal gatherings when you shouldn’t, you’re a fucking idiot.
If you’re reading this and about to dispute it because of some dumb ass reason because “well kids mix at school so what’s the difference”, you’re a fucking idiot.

There are people who are actually suffering, whether through loneliness, loss or struggling to battle this thing.

Boredom != Suffering.

Acting like a fucking idiot, thinking the rules don’t apply to you, whilst people fight to get rid of this virus, is no different to locking the front door with 50 locks whilst some prick leaves a window open.

Yes the government are inept and more concerned with profits over people’s lives. But you can’t use their stupidity as an excuse for your own fuckwittery.

Open your eyes and realise you live in a society.