Website under construction


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I’ve always believed that people should own and control their own place on the web. That is, if they want to.

I have actively kept a personal website for myself for about 10 years now.

Gosh… 10 years…

In that time I have moved between about 5 different domain names, different focus topics, and different reasoning behind why I want to publish online.

I have finally settled now on this domain that you are now on -

I’m also in the process of recovering my old posts that have been thrown by the wayside as I have dicked about changing domain names etc over the years.

A mixture of Twitter archives, manual database backups I have kept, and some new sources I will be incorporating, mean I am finally going to settle down in this place online I am now calling home.

I am also re-implementing aspects of the Indieweb movement for content ownership and communicating that to other websites.

I owe a big thank you to Chris Aldrich too. As it was his website I came across that inspired me to bring my website back to what I have always wanted it to be. Hopefully, thanks to the indieweb helper plugins I have installed, Chris may just get notified on his website and post a reply back – from his website over to mine using the webmention protocol.