Building a personal inventory application in Laravel

laravel-2 php programming

I’m going to build myself an inventory system in Laravel, as a way to keep a track of where everything we have a round the house is kept.

I also have visions of it notifying me each morning, of certain foods that are approaching their use-by date.

I thought it would be interesting to share the building of it step by step.

Sections of the build

Here I’ll keep the contents of each area of the build.

Part 1: Starting a new Laravel 9 project.

The initial setup and continuous integration workflow for the project.

Merge request showing the changes from a fresh Laravel 9 project: changes.

Part 2: Adding Laravel Jetstream

Pretty much just following the Jetstream install documentation. But with a couple of extra bits.

Part 3: Keeping an inventory list (coming soon)

This is the simplest form of an inventory, I think: Just a list of items. In this part I will first write out the tests for the setup and API I want to have. I will then use those failing tests to drive the writing of the code.