My workflow for building an open-source project

git github programming terminal workflow

Note: This is currently a brain dump.



  1. I have an idea for a feature

  2. Open terminal and run gh issue create

  3. Follow the prompts to enter the issue title and optional description and any metadata. Hit submit.

  4. Checkout a feature branch with git checkout -b feature/my-feature-idea

  5. At least one commit needs to be added before a draft PR can be created.

  6. Push the branch with git push.

  7. Run gh issue list and make note of the id for the correct issue.

  8. Create a new PR with gh pr create --draft

  9. Follow the prompts to enter the PR title and a description that contains “closes #ID_OF_ISSUE”.
    So if my issue was the fifth one for this repo, I’d add “closes #5”.

  10. Submit the draft PR.

  11. Continue working on the issue until ready for review.

  12. TBC