Gaming Screenshots

Throughout my travels in the games I play, I just can’t help myself from taking screenshots. Often times to my own demise. #DavidBaileyOfPSN 🙂

Resident Evil 4

The next chapter in Leon’s journey through the Resident Evil universe. This time in Eastern Europe with one of the most favourited games of the series.

Uncharted 4 — A Thief’s End

The closing chapter on Nathan Drake’s epic 4-part adventure series from the studio ‘Naughty Dog’.

Days Gone

Post-apocalyptic, open world game where the world is as deadly as the Freakers and Marauders in it.

The Last of Us

The first game to make me cry.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

An absolutely stunning game that is also damn fun to play.

Resident Evil 2

One of my favourite games in recent years – truly terrifying and so much fun!

Dead By Daylight

My go-to multiplayer game where I have lots of fun running around the fog and getting killed with friends online.

World of Warcraft

Although I don’t play World Of Warcraft anymore, I have kept hold of a few of the screenshots I took from back then.