Anhedonia by Chelsea Wolfe-and Emma Ruth-Rundle

Beautiful haunting song.

Gave me similar vibes to parts of the Inland Empire and Mulholland Drive soundtrack.

There is a very specific song that it’s reminding me of — I just can’t remember what song it is. As soon as I remember I’ll update it here.

I think it is reminding me of “Llorando” — the French version of Crying from Mulholland Drive.

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California Dreamin’ by The Mamas and the Papas

> Stopped into a church I passed along the way. > Well, I got down on my knees (got down on my knees) And I pretend to pray (I pretend to pray) > > California Dreamin’ by The Mamas and the Papas
Something in this song feels haunting to me. I can’t quite place my finger on it. It could be the way that each of their voices meets in that ethereal plane that few bands have managed to reach – a sound that I associate with the golden age of music, at least in my opinion.

I remember watching part of a film in college film studies called “Chungking Express“, which featured this song prominently. I never really paid attention to that film, but I can’t help but feel I should go back and watch it now I’m older and… wiser?

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Under the Graveyard by Ozzy Osbourne

> Under the Graveyard > We’re all rotten bones > > Under the Graveyard — Ozzy Osbourne
My favourite song from his new album, ‘Ordinary Man’.

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Thieves in the Temple by Prince

Love come quick
Love come in a hurry
There are thieves in the temple tonight

They don’t care where they kick
Just as long as they hurt you
There are thieves in the temple tonight

First lyrics from Thieves in the Template by Prince

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Sign of the Times (Prince Cover) by Muse

A sister killed her baby ’cause she couldn’t afford to feed it
And yet we’re sending people to the moon
In September, my cousin tried reefer for the very first time
Now he’s doing horse, it’s June, unh

Lyrics from Sign of the Times

Possibly one of my favourite covers of any song I’ve heard. This is how covers should be done.

I remember hearing this for the first time in my first web development job. I was working for a small local company, whose office was the upstairs level of a converted barn.

Usually the radio — permanently fixed on Radio One — soon became tiresome for me as the same songs seemed to be played at the same time every damn day.

But one magical day I happened to hear the Live Lounge wear I heard Matt Belamy’s signature guitar sound riffing to a tune I recognised but could not name.

When I finally worked it out it hit me like a freight train.

This song is fucking incredible.

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Cathode Ray

Cathode Ray by kevjazz900

<iframe frameborder="no" height="400" loading="lazy" scrolling="no" src="" title="Cathode Ray by kevjazz900" width="500"></iframe>

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