Started to re-watch Breaking Bad. This’ll be my second time viewing. Think I’m gonna try and share my favourite shot from each episode.

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Gutted that I’m now all up to date with Taskmaster. Only discovered it a month or so ago and been binging it.

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Buffy — Welcome to the Hellmouth (Series 1 Episode 1)

The opening episode to one of my favourite ever tv series.

Buffy Summers arrives in Sunnydale and meets the people who will come to form her close circle of friends.

I’m going to enjoy rewatching this series along with Angel when I get to it.

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2020 — Review of the year

Disclaimer: this post is still in a bit of a draft state. I have published it, however, as it is New Year's Eve 2020 and if I don't do it now I will probably forget to do it. What an absolute bloody shit show this year has been. I’ve been super lucky when compared...

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