Detailing the things, software and configs I use on a day to day basis for my work.

I prefer free and open-source equipment and software where possible. I want full control over my own computing and where and how my data is used.


I don’t use Apple’s over-priced heaters, and I don’t use Microsoft spyware devices. I am a Linux user to my bones. Arch, BTW.

Lenovo Thinkpad T490

In a world with Thinkpads, why choose anything else?

Seriously though, Thinkpads by Lenovo have been an absolute gem for me. Always reliable, robust and just a joy to type with.


32 Inch 4K display.

I like to think of my monitor as a “progressive enhancement” for my workflow.

I mirror the laptop display to give me a single screen.

Lenovo Docking Station

Connecting my laptop to my monitor and all peripherals is done via the Docking Station.

Bit of faff getting set up with Arch, but with the help of easy keybindings to “mount” and “unmount” it’s a pretty good workflow.


Arch Linux and i3 window manager

Arch Linux gives me a bare bones system on which I am continually working on my development setup.

i3 Window manager is what I use in place of a traditional “desktop” environment.

Vi / Vim / Neovim

Neovim is my editor of choice.

I list all three as I think it’s important to know Vi and Vim before pimping out your shiny lua Neovim configuration with plugins and themes.


Working with TMUX has been a godsend

Managing my work in dedicated sessions through a single terminal instance is the best way for me to not only structure my workflow around, but switching tasks easily too.