Programmer and Virtual Photographer based in the Midlands, UK.

Welcome to my personal homepage.

This is my home on the world wide web and is where I post articles, random thoughts and links to any online projects.

About me

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I’ve been programming for about ten years. For the most part this has been using PHP with a variety of frameworks.

Recently I’ve been pushing into learning Bash, R and Golang.

These are the equipment and technologies I enjoy working with:

Lenovo Thinkpad T490

In a world with Thinkpads, why choose anything else?

Seriously though, Thinkpads by Lenovo have been an absolute gem for me. Always reliable, robust and just a joy to type with.

Arch Linux and i3 window manager

Arch Linux gives me a bare bones system on which I am continually working on my development setup.

i3 Window manager is what I use in place of a traditional “desktop” environment.

Vi / Vim / Neovim

Neovim is my editor of choice.

I list all three as I think it’s important to know Vi and Vim before pimping out your shiny lua Neovim configuration with plugins and themes.

Laravel and PHP

PHP has been my bread and butter for 10 years now and the Laravel framework is what I use in my day to day work.


For both local development and when deploying to live servers I use Docker.

Containerization is a beautiful thing.


Although I don’t have cause to use Kubernetes in my day to day work, I do enjoy learning it.

Container Orchestration is a topic I do find fascinating.