Thoughts again about an indieweb CMS

Some time ago I wrote an article on planning to build my own CMS. I started to work on it using CodeIgniter as its framework. When I started to get overwhelmed by all of the moving parts I was trying to think about all at once I immediately went over to my current site – which is powered by WordPress – and thought “this’ll do me perfectly”.And to be honest it does.The thing is there’s still this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that says to me: “build your own CMS; it will be lightweight; you’ll know it inside-out; you’ll learn all about the IndieWeb’s moving parts”. But then the critic in me says: “Don’t be stupid – that’s why there is a community of talented people who have solved a lot of these things – so you don’t have to, Dave.”But that thought process of mine is negative and against the true spirit of the IndieWeb – building your own tools for yourself; Building something that is 100% to your own specification and something you will use everyday.Now don’t get me wrong I’m hugely grateful to the WordPress plugins that I rely on every day that have made my getting on to the IndieWeb so easy. But I feel it is time to step up my game which is why I am going to set myself a deadline – in the spirit of Tantek’s IndieWeb commitment for 2015-01-01 – of having my site in place with a home-built CMS by 2015-07-01.And apologies in advance to all the great people at IndieWebCamp, for no doubt I will have countless questions for them in the coming months as I hack away at my new CMS. Thank you.