Adding Laravel Jetstream to a fresh Laravel project

I only have this post here as there was a couple of extra steps I made after regular installation, which I wanted to keep a note of.

Here are the changes made to my Inventory Manager.

Follow the Jetstream Installation guide

Firstly I just follow the official installation guide.

When it came to running the Jetstream install command in the docs, this was the specific flavour I ran:

php artisan jetstream:install livewire --pest

This sets it up to use Livewire, as I wanted to learn that along the way, as well as setting up the Jetstream tests as Pest ones.

Again, I’m not too familiar with Pest (still loving phpunit) but thought it was worth learning.

Enable API functionality

I want to build my Inventory Manager as a separate API and front end, so I enabled the API functionality after install.

Enabling the built-in API functionality, which is Laravel Sanctum by the way, is as easy as uncommenting a line in your ./config/jetstream.php file:

'features' => [
    // Features::termsAndPrivacyPolicy(),
    // Features::profilePhotos(),
    // Features::teams(['invitations' => true]),

The Features::api(), line should be commented out by default; just uncomment it and you’re good to go.

Setup Pest testing

The only thing that tripped me up was that I hadn’t previously setup pest, which was causing the Jetstream tests to fail.

So I ran the following command, which is modified for my using Laravel Sail, from the Pest Documentation:

./vendor/bin/sail artisan pest:install

I then also added the RefreshDatabase trait to my ./tests/TestCase.php file.

Then all of my tests pass.

That is Jetstream setup and ready to continue for me.


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