Passive plugins I use in Neovim

These plugins I use in Neovim are ones I consider “passive”. That is, they just sit there doing their thing in the background to enhance my development experience.

Generally they wont offer extra keybindings or commands I will use day to day.

You can view all the plugins I use in my plugins.lua file in my dotfiles.

Vim-lastplace will remember the last edit position of each file you’re working with and place your cursor there when re-entering.

use "farmergreg/vim-lastplace"

Nvim-autopairs will automatically add closing characters when opening a “pair”, such as {, [ and (. It will then place your cursor between the two.

use "windwp/nvim-autopairs"

Neoscroll makes scrolling smooth in neovim.

use "karb94/neoscroll.nvim"

Vim-pasta will super-charge your pasting in neovim to preserve indents when pasting contents in with “p” and “P“.

  config = function()
    vim.g.pasta_disabled_filetypes = { 'fugitive' }

Here I am passing a config function to disable vim-pasta for “fugitive” filetypes. “Fugitive” is in reference to the vim-fugitive plugin that I will explain in another post.

Nvim-colorizer will highlight any colour codes your write out.

use "norcalli/nvim-colorizer.lua"


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