How I use Neovim


I try to use Neovim for as much development-related work as possible.

This page serves as a point of reference for me, and other people interested, for what I use and how I use it.

Feedback is welcome and would love to know how you use Neovim too!

My complete Neovim configuration files can be found on Github.

  1. How I organise my Neovim configuration

  2. Passive plugins I use in Neovim

  3. General plugins I use in Neovim

  4. Development plugins I use in Neovim - coming soon

  5. Database client in Neovim (vim-dadbod and vim-dadbod-ui) - coming soon

  6. REST client in Neovim (vim-rest-client) - coming soon

  7. Personal Wiki in Neovim (vim-wiki) - coming soon