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    The Babysitter

    Not to be confused with the 1995 erotic, straight-to-video film starring Alicia Silverstone. 2017’s The Babysitter is a violent, fun watch and completely ridiculous in all the right places.

    I was recommended this by a friend and did really enjoy it. I was surprised that it was a 15 though.

    Looking forward to watching the sequel some time soon.

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    Rodney Trotter after going skateboarding with the Groovy Gang.

    I just stumbled upon a classic episode of the TV series Only Fools And Horses. It’s the one where Del Boy, Rodney and Cassandra win a holiday to Spain after Del sends one of Rodney’s old school paintings into a cereal competition.

    This series still stands up and I’m still laughing out loud watching it.

    They truly don’t make them quite like this anymore.