Keeping it up: Day 1

So this is my first entry in my ‘keeping it up’ series of continuous writing – two days after the introduction post. How pathetic is that!? So anyways, here is the first of which i will do my best to be many.So I saw Jurassic World yesterday evening. I had seen the trailer and thought to myself how it was going to be terrible and probably best to avoid it all together – I have been known to be one of those people who goes on about how remakes or reboots are a bad idea. However I was pleasently surprised: I actually enjoyed it. It was a good two-hour escape into a world of dinosaurs and thought there were some great little twists in there.For me the whole film came together with the ending. I enjoyed it throughout, but the ending was great fun and improved the film for me as a whole.And it was good to see they didn’t shy away from the violence. With it being a 12A – always a warning sign for me for some films – I thought it would be completely kiddified. But there was a comfortable amount of people being eaten, crushed and thrown into trees for me to feel satisfied. I’m not sadistic – honest.

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