My First Month in Rust – A Write Up

My first month in Rust has been a huge learning curve in the game, and I think it may have changed me… as a gamer.

I wrote a post recently detailing seven tips for new players that I had picked up along the way. As it turns out there are some more tips I have, which I’ll be sharing soon, as that first month is now finished.

I am writing this as my preferred server is being wiped and reset with the latest patch updates. Exciting times, especially when I’ve just spent the final fifteen minutes with a free rocket launcher.

Lone Wolf To The End

I opted to not try and team with anybody this month as I have come to not trust anyone. I enjoy being a lone wolf, exploring the airstrip; the desert; the military tunnel. All of these were hugely atmospheric – especially with the great soundtrack and the fact I was alone.

I did have a slightly dark moment towards the end where I was running south alone before hearing a voice calling for help. A kid, it sounded like, saying “Please don’t shoot! I’m a noob. I need help please.” With only a moment’s hesitation I shot him point blank without saying a word. He, however, proceeded to ask me why I would do such a thing and he really did sound upset with me. That was the moment I truly entered Rust.

I now feel like Rick Grimes with his distrust of anyone who he doesn’t know. I now shoot on site and ask questions later.

The future to come

I’m not sure what the future will hold for me in Rust, but I know I can go into the fresh server with the knowledge I have gained. Also the reduced fear I now have of heading towards the games fixed, static areas – The nuclear plant; rad towns; dome sphere.

Whatever does happen I will share it here and hopefully help others out in the process. Maybe I’ll even see you about in the game. But a friendly warning, please don’t approach me unless you know you can take me.