My name is David, and I am addicted to caffeine

I’m a regular tea drinker. By regular I mean betwen about 8 – 12 cups a day on average. This drinking is more out of habit of breaking up the work day, which is another word for addiction.

Whenever I don’t have tea I find myself feeling the usual symptoms like headache, sickness and general grumpiness. This is not good.

There are two ways of removing caffeine – cold turkey or weaning. I’m going cold turkey. Completely cold turkey. I did this once before a few years ago and felt the benefits within a week afterwards. The problem is the hell I went through getting there. Constant headache and inability to concentrate on work.

This is when you know you have a problem.

So today, Saturday 4th February 2017, is the day I stop drinking caffeine. And tea altogether. I have had 2 so far today but no more. I will probably do a quick write up each day to present my experiences and any positive, as well as any negative, effects I experience. In case anybody else wants to do the same thing.

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