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    live-posting your life is a great way to let burglers know when you’re not gonna be in.

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    I love the idea and philosophy of Stoicism. In practice, however, it’s bloody difficult to live by after 39 years.

    Will be working on this going forward.

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    Having a cat is so awesome. Wouldn’t change it for the world.

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    No better feeling than to create

    There is no better feeling than that of creating. Yes, that is a super vague statement but I wanted to write something — anything — and this post is it.

    I have spent too much time tonight just clicking around reading articles and watching videos around the world pandemic and the complete fucking cretins governing the people through it.

    As breaks from the sadistic act of reading about this country’s disease* and Covid-19, I have been continuing my reading of Stephen King’s book Duma Key. I’m really enjoying it.

    For some reason the notion of the feeling of creation being one of the best struck me. Whether the creation of an original work, or the the creation of connections with others. Or the creation of pictures in your mind’s eye from reading great works of fiction.

    Bit of a short random ramble, this one, but there you have it.

    *The Conservative Party

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    Also, “Ellen Ripley” sounds like “Elena Rigby”. Just saying.

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    Guardians who have no discipline over kids and don’t even try, really do my tits in.