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    You know what? Fuck Google. Just when I think I couldn’t hate them more. Exporting my previous uploaded music (about 100gb worth) from their Play Music service. Do they put the songs into Artist / Album folders?


    Instead they package it up into 54 zipped folders and stick random songs along with loads of csv files with dumb stats in.


    Now I’ll have to write a little script to read the song meta data and organise into folders myself.

    I’ll share the script once it’s done and tested.

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    Are you being a fucking idiot?

    (Originally pasted into facebook)

    I don’t often stick long posts on this god-awful surveillance website, but after hearing about some friends and family suffering, I didn’t want to hold back.

    If you’re going into shops etc without a mask on when you should wear one, you’re a fucking idiot.
    If you’re holding personal gatherings when you shouldn’t, you’re a fucking idiot.
    If you’re reading this and about to dispute it because of some dumb ass reason because “well kids mix at school so what’s the difference”, you’re a fucking idiot.

    There are people who are actually suffering, whether through loneliness, loss or struggling to battle this thing.

    Boredom != Suffering.

    Acting like a fucking idiot, thinking the rules don’t apply to you, whilst people fight to get rid of this virus, is no different to locking the front door with 50 locks whilst some prick leaves a window open.

    Yes the government are inept and more concerned with profits over people’s lives. But you can’t use their stupidity as an excuse for your own fuckwittery.

    Open your eyes and realise you live in a society.

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    Opportunist racism of my morning commute

    Yesterday morning I was witness to a bit of casual racism which really got me annoyed and ready to rage at the dickhead who uttered it. There were no bad words used but, nonetheless, his confused intent got to me.

    The Setup

    The train was pulling into the station as I was waiting to board it with my fellow commuters. I have come to recognise a few of the people who are regulars on my train. One of which is a young lady I tend to notice, as she also gets off at the same station as me at the other end.

    As we were boarding, another lady squeezed herself and her travel bag between the first lady and the train in order to get on quicker. The affected lady didn’t seem bothered as she wasn’t barged or anything.

    However, a man stood just behind me decided to pipe up and make his thoughts heard.

    The utterings of the opportunist racist

    Man to lady : “I think she wants to get on there.”

    The lady smiled politely.

    Man to lady : “She must be important as she’s got her bags.”

    Again, the lady acknowledged him but didn’t reply.

    Man to lady : “You can tell she’s not British”.

    You can tell she’s not British. Like… What the fuck? The lady who squeezed ahead didn’t say a word and to be honest, didn’t seem phased at all by his comments. And while I don’t condone squeezing past people in order to get their seat on a train, I condone even less any excuse for racism.

    Firstly there was nothing about the woman to indicate she wasn’t British (whether she actually was or not is completely irrelevant). Secondly, I don’t even know if this idiot knew what he meant by the term “British”. I can guess what he thinks it means though.

    In Closing

    It really annoys me when people who could otherwise be smart, have this unfounded ideas of “us and them”. The seeds of which are usually planted by the mainstream media or in people’s filter bubbles in Facebook, twitter et al.

    We as a people can solve so many complex ideas and theories, we can put people on the moon, but we can’t all get along in an open and friendly manner.

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    Guardians who have no discipline over kids and don’t even try, really do my tits in.

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    Woman at the Sainsbury’s cafe queue getting a bit too upperty over the fact that there’s no ham left. Get a grip.

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    The restaurant at the nature centre is like a rowdy feeding pit.

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    People who get on the train and open all the windows, when it’s cold outside, are scum.

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    Six carriages squeezed into one. Fun times.

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    This traffic is taking the fecking pee.

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    Twitter autoplays videos too! Bloody hell. Why bother with a play icon over the video if you’re going to make the choice for me?