Month: May 2024

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    Starting work and this morning I’ve already took Henry and Sherlock for a walk, after S-Ranking the mission “Traitor’s Caravan [Extreme] on Metal Gear Solid V.

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    Modern tech is cancerous – I’m going clear

    Most of modern tech, be it devices or software / digital services are corrupt and cancerous. They promise increased productivity and ease of use in exchange for your privacy and your control.

    My aim is to go clear, as much as I can, and document that journey here.

    Some things I have already done, such as switching to a privacy-respecting email provider like Protonmail. And a privacy-focused messaging service like Signal.

    My aim for these posts is to give others a kind of guide to do this themselves. Some of the steps will be difficult for those who don’t have the privilege of time and / or technical know how. This is also part of the problem – some alternatives are not easy or convenient to switch to. But I will do my best here.

    I’m not bothered about privacy — I have nothing to hide.

    people without a real clue. Also people without curtains on their windows or doors on any toilets they use.

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    live-posting your life is a great way to let burglers know when you’re not gonna be in.