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  • I need to rebuild my site once again. Perhaps with Laravel. But definitely in line with my love of the indieweb

  • WordPress is incredible. There’s nothing I’d rather build my online home with. ๐Ÿ’š

  • How I use vimwiki in neovim

    This post is currently in-progress, and is more of a brain-dump right now. But I like to share as often as I can otherwise I’d never share anything ๐Ÿ™‚ Please view the official Vimwiki Github repository for up-to-date details of Vimwiki usage and installation. This page just documents my own processes at the time. Installation…

  • The Internet Archive / Wayback Machine (https://web.archive.org/) is absolutely incredible. It has saved most of my old posts and pages. Been spending a week or so rescuing those posts and bringing them back.

  • Website under construction

    I’ve always believed that people should own and control their own place on the web. That is, if they want to. I have actively kept a personal website for myself for about 10 years now. Gosh… 10 years… In that time I have moved between about 5 different domain names, different focus topics, and different…

  • Migrating my website to Statamic

    I love Laravel. I also really like WordPress, for what it is. So when it came to originally putting my personal site together I just wanted to get a simple WordPress site together. I have attempted to build my own website and blog in Laravel from scratch multiple times over the years. I even stuck…

  • Oh golly I just found the back up of my old website with loads and loads of old posts I thought Id lost. ๐Ÿ’š

  • Setting up my own labs

    I’m going to begin setting up my own “labs” area to play around with various web technologies. For the longest time now I have been holding myself back quite a bit by only really learning technologies around current roles at the time and for my own personal site. This has mainly revolved around Laravel and…

  • If I start rebuilding my website in Laravel yet again, I really need to see it through and commit to it. If the last couple of weeks have taught me anything it’s that I love working with Laravel. Let’s see how this goes.

  • Finally got my site to use the roots wordpress structure. Composer dependency management and deployment with laravel forge. ๐Ÿค“

  • The creeping beast of perfection is wearing it’s ugly head into my blog.

  • Gosh, I haven’t written on my blog for ages!

  • Finally finished porting my site over to Laravel 5.1. I’d been avoiding it. Got there in the end. Now to start cleaning up my code.

  • Finally my tags have got their own pages.

  • Really excited about my redesigned website. A lot more focused it feels. Hoping to get it out by mid week next week.

  • Movin to @jekyllrb