Month: November 2015

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    Just bought my first CD in I don’t know how long – Adele’s 25. So much better buying the physical thing and looking through the inlay book.

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    I just used the center tag. That’s right – you heard me.

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    I, Partridge is an absolutely brilliant listen.

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    Listening to the Audiobook of “I, Partridge: We need to talk about Alan”. The icing on the cake is that it’s being read by Alan, himself.

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    Inner critics and just getting on with it

    I have just written this post and then lost it without saving. I am annoyed. That said, I’ll try and rewrite without rushing too much.

    I’m always tinkering around with this website. As a result I tend to sometimes get bored with it. I feel the design just looks dull and uninspired, and find that my backend could be a lot cleaner… phrasing. I then feel that my website needs to be improved – and as a result rebuilt.

    This is the inner critic talking.

    You know that guy/gal right? They are the one that sits back doing naff-all and only pipes up to say something when you’ve created something, or are thinking of doing so, and says “That’s shit – what are you thinking?”. The inner critic is a fecking wonker (intentional fake swearing) and needs to be put down.

    Something I listened to last week really hit home with me about this. On this episode of The Web Ahead podcast, Jen Simmons talked with Jeremy Keith about understanding the web. I am always inspired when hearing Jeremy talk about the web and building for it

    This is when the site never gets launched because it’s never quite good enough. The number of designers who haven’t launched because it doesn’t look quite right, or the number of developers because they haven’t finished writing their own CMS.

    Jeremy Keith on The Web Ahead episode #110

    In this episode He and Jen were talking about how people – in general – are so used to publishing on the web through a service – or gatekeeper as they called it. Also they mentioned about people’s habit of self-censoring and imposing their own restrictions.

    It was after listening to this that I realised that my own reasons for thinking I needed to rebuild my site were all self-imposed reasons and that it was stopping me from actually writing stuff. I have been concentrating too much on the tools of publishing instead of actually just publishing.

    So this entry is a way for me to try and break that habit. Let’s see how long I can keep it up for… phrasing.

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    Swan cake

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    @letsencrypt hi. I signed up for beta access the other day for my site I was just wondering if you had a timescale? Cheers.

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    Alias allthethings

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    Starting a new personal project tonight. Finally a medium-sized project idea that I want to build. And one to really dig into Laravel.

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    I’m really impressed with Mirrors the Sky album by Lyla Foy (@lylafoy on Twitter).

    First moments of that album, and a couple of songs further in, her voice sounds like an early Stevie Nicks.

    Listened twice this evening and may go for a third.