Month: July 2021

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    Finally watched this film for the first time and I absolutely loved it to bits.

    As I sat there sweating through the UK heatwave — my apartment being three or four degrees higher — I became lost in this world of LA.

    It goes without saying that Al Pacino and Robert Deniro are at the top of their games in this film, but i’m gonna say it anyway…

    …they are both so fucking great. As are all the other performances throughout.

    It’s one of those films that has been on my radar for so long but just never got round to watching it. Everyone I’d heard mention it had always said it was awesome — they were all right.

    Deniro’s character brought a certain intensity throughout for me — his straight line, get the job done attitude is infectious.

    And Pacino does what he does best. His seemingly-random outbursts of animation were such a joy to see. I found myself laughing — but out of shear enjoyment of his performance. He has a way about him that just captures my attention with ease.

    Mark and Jezz in Peep Show pretend to watch Heat whilst at a theatre show

    Deniro’s and Pacino’s characters are two sides to the same coin. Both representing the opposing forces of law and criminal. I found myself rooting for both of them right till the end. Neither is completely “good” and neither is at all “evil”.

    Besides hearing Heat mentioned in one of my favourite TV shows, Peep show (see image above), what actually tipped me into actually sitting for the 2 hour 50 minute runtime was a clip of Tom Hiddleston on the Graham Norton show.

    The clip featured Tom appearing with 3 other actors, all there for different reasons, but was sharing the guest sofa with no other than Robert Deniro. Tom was talking with admiration about Deniro in Heat — and in one scene in particular.

    The scene was the infamous coffee shop scene in which Deniro and Pacino enjoy their first ever on-screen appearance.

    When I finally got to the scene myself I saw where that admiration was coming from.

    One of the most conflicting moments for me came right near the end.

    There is a chance for Deniro to get away and begin a fresh life, and I was really praying he would. However, I equally wanted him to finish off one piece of unfinished business — with a particularly nasty character.

    There’s a moment where he’s driving and you can feel the conflict within him. Deciding desperately which path he should take. And I think he already knows the outcome of both paths before he chooses.

    I wont spoil that moment for you here, but I do urge you strongly to watch this. It’s an incredible film.

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    So you’re new to the Internet?

    If you’re new to the internet, allow me to give you a brief explanation.

    The “Internet” is series of connected networks across the world that form bigger networks. A network is a series of connected things (computers and routers in the case of the internet).

    The world wide web (www) sits on top of the internet (as does email and other things too) The world wide web is what a lot of people are referring to when they talk about the internet.

    Most of the web now is basically a bog of surveillance advertising. Where pretty much all of your interactions on the web — and often email now too — are being tracked by companies looking to make money off knowing exactly what you get up to online.

    It’s an absolute fucking disgrace.

    The world wide web could have been such a beautiful thing — democratising publishing and giving everyone an equal voice. And for a while I think it was heading that way. But big technology companies grew out of this web, like spiders catching all the flies. These big companies then started merging and coalescing into the Googles, Facebooks and Twitters we now have.

    This is the world that has been born out of capitalist greed and the surveillance used to accrue wealth.

    There are some awesome people that are doing their best to create alternatives to all of the surveillance honeypots that take up the majority of bandwidth.

    People like Aral Balkan and Laura Kalbag at the Small Technology Foundation. They are building a viable alternative to the cancer of “big tech”.

    And Eugen, who created Mastodon — living proof that you don’t need millions in investment capital to build something for the web that gets used my thousands and thousands of people.

    We need more people building for the future of people, not corporations, and I want to be one of them.

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    American Horror Story : Double Feature — Poster

    As always, the next series of American Horror Story — Double Feature — looks insane.

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    Guerrilla featured my Horizon Zero Dawn virtual photography shot

    It’s been a couple of weeks, but I wanted to write up a quick post documenting Guerrilla featuring my virtual photography shot on the 3rd July 2021.

    To see all the messages coming in from people who like the picture was amazing — thank you to all of you.

    Link to Guerrilla’s tweet on Twitter:

    My original tweet:

    The original post on my website: