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    Birmingham Marathon 2017 โ€“ 30 days to go

    Today’s run left me feeling a lot more confident for the upcoming marathon than the previous Sunday’s. Last Sunday I attempted this route but ran on an empty stomach which, amongst other factors, caused me to stop at the 8.3 mile mark.

    This time I made sure I had a good meal one hour before running as well as being hydrated. Also I took one of my new energy gels with me to have one hour into the race. I think it worked. I mean, I didn’t feel a boost of energy or anything like that, but I did stay at the same level of tiredness throughout the run.

    Finishing this run left me feeling a lot more confident, but I still have no illusions about the marathon itself – it’s gonna be a killer. If I had kept to my original training regime I should be running a 22 mile distance today. I ran half that.

    You can see my run results here if you want. I think next weekend I may go for a 15 mile distance but I think that’ll be the furthest I do before the actual day, for fear of injuring myself.

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    Birmingham Marathon 2017 – 32 days to go

    After last Sunday’s run that kept me feeling ill for the rest of the day, I began to doubt my chances of completing the marathon. However, although I am still in no way fully confident in my abilities, I have had a slight confidence boost with my latest run tonight.

    Distance: 6.7 miles

    Time: 1 hour 4 minutes.

    I kept my pace, starting slower and maintaining that speed as best I could, as opposed to my starting quicker before. What resulted was a consistent-feeling run throughout; I didn’t really hit any “wall” as I made sure I just took it easy.

    For my dinner earlier on I had a chicken curry with rice, then and hour before the run I ate a banana for the extra slow-release energy.

    I will try and get another run in, albeit shorter, this week before Sunday. Then on Sunday I’m going to try and accomplish a 10 mile run, with the aid of one of my new energy gels I bought today.

    I was talking with a new person at work today and he mentioned how he had completed a marathon in about 3 hours and 45 minutes (I forget the precise time). I seriously need to up my game.


    Check out my run on Strava here.

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    Achy thighs and inappropriate gym clothes

    After my initial moan about being confronted with Elasticsearch yesterday, today i have actually been looking into it – learning it in order to get the job I’ve been tasked with finished.

    I don’t know why, but i tend to get that gut reaction most times i am confronted by something foreign to me. I think it may stem from a frustration of not knowing something and then, within a work context, worrying about how long it’s going to take me.

    No running tonight, which I’m thankful for. My thighs are aching slightly from yesterday’s 2.5 kilometre jog. Yes, I’m that unfit. It’s hard to think that I’m actually going to be doing a full Marathon in October – or at least attempting it.

    At the time of writing this, I’ve just seen a guy wearing a gym training hoody that reads “Train Hard, Fight Easy”. I’m not sure it’s wise walking around Birmingham with that printed on your top. You’re just asking for trouble from those looking for a fight, surely?

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    Finished the #GreatBirminghamRun half marathon in 2 hours 19mins. 2 minutes slower than last year. That’s gramps for ya.

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    Half-Marathon training starts this week

    On the 16th October this year I will be taking part in my second half-marathon. This will be the same route in Birmingham, UK.

    The last time I did it, which was last year, I managed to strain my knee whilst training as I tried running too far, too fast, too soon.

    This time I am going to be following an 8-week training guide, building myself up slowly and hopefully beating my previous time of 2 hours 16 minutes.

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    Bringing out the best in people

    So I managed to complete the Birmingham half-marathon in 2 hours and 17 minutes. One of the things that has been imprinted on my memory is how the day seemed to bring out the best in all people.People all along the 13.1 mile route were handing out sweets, water, and shouts of encouragement directed at specific people – whether they were friends or not. Countless times I had people cheering me on from my name on my runners number.It makes all the difference.I especially found it great how even when running through areas of Birmingham that were less desirable – places where the people may normally be feared – had just the same encouragement and friendliness.

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    Birmingham Half-marathon 2015 — 2 hours and 17 minutes

    Great Birmingham half-marathon completed in 2 hours and 17 minutes.

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    On your marks.

    Start of the 2015 Birmingham Half-Marathon.

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    2 hours till I begin my first half marathon in Birmingham today. Never has 13 miles seemed so far.

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    Four days until the big run

    In four days time, I’ll be doing the Birmingham half marathon along with a mate from work.

    The gravity of what I have said I’ll do didn’t really hit me until earlier today, when we were looking over the route map and elevation.

    13.1 miles it is and I know I’m going to feel every step. I’m both nervous and excited in equal measure.

    I’m now starting to wish I had prepared more. The longest run I’ve done — at a steady pace — has been about 8 miles or so and since paintballing last weekend has given me achy muscles, I’ve had no option but to rest up.

    I’m quietly confident that the cheering of the crowds and general good feelings of all involved will help me — and indeed everybody else — to make it through the race.

    I just hope I have prepared enough.