Short stories

  • Fixed Face

    Fixed face is a short manga about a young woman who, due to a cruel twist of fate, becomes trapped in a menacing-looking Dentist’s chair.

  • Demon’s Voice

    In Demon’s Voice, a group of fishermen are out on the open seas in search of Tuna. However, when they hear strange voices from across the ocean, very strange and disturbing things begin to happen.

  • Futon

    Futon is the first, and shortest, story in the Fragments of Horror Collection. It centers around a man who refuses to come out from under his blanket, for fear of the invisible spirits around him. What is Futon about? This is a very short Horror Manga story. It shows a young couple who live in…

  • Fashion Model : Cursed Frame

    Fuchi the model is back in this short manga story, included with the excellent Shiver collection. A timid new model crosses paths with Fuchi with very violent and creative results.

  • The Sad Tale of the Principal Post

    One of the shortest of Junji Ito’s manga stories at just four pages. Included with his famous Gyo series is this little gem about a man who has some trouble with the supporting beam of his family’s home – the principal post. You can read Sad Tale of the Principle post included with the excellent…