Tag: Jokes

  • My favourite Iron Maiden song? Probably the one about the Giraffe.

  • I’m working double shifts at my freelance gardening job – I’m raking it in.

  • Ive got two tickets for the Hobbit. If you see him, let him know will you?

  • What does Hannibal from the a team say when they have fixed some unsemantic mark up?… … I love it when a <span> comes together.

  • @davatron5000 how did the burger relish know the webpage’s markup?… Because he’s red sauce!

  • @davatron5000 web dev was hiking and heard a strange grunting. He quickly realized – it was a ‘sass watch’ (sasquatch)

  • I just bought 3 internet discussion boards. I know what you’re thinking: ‘how much did he pay forum’.

  • My friend just got back from hols, and has been detained at airport for importing skipping ropes and trainers. Is held in customs & exercise