Chas And Dave

  • Got the Chas and Dave itch again. Love these guys and the music just instantly makes me happy.

  • How Chas and Dave ended up on an Eminem track

  • 100 Days : Day Eight (93)

    Playing through The Last of Us again. I think that this is the first game since final fantasy 7 where I’ve started it again as soon as I completed it. This time I felt more bad ass because I know the enemy patterns and what to expect when. Listened to Foxes’ new album today. Is…

  • 100 Days : Day Seven (94)

    Decided to Install Windows 7 back on to my P.C. as the primary operating system, then run GNU/Linux within virtualbox. Thought I’d give steam games on windows another go as I’ve got 8gb of ram sat there not really doing much. This way all my development stuff can be encapsulated within the virtual machine. Also…